TEA BAGS – empty

TEA BAGS – empty


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Empty disposable tea bags for loose leaf teas, tisanes and infusions

Our empty, disposable tea gags have no staples, glue adhesives or harsh bleach or chemicals adhesives, giving you a better tasting and healthier drinking experience. Fill with any of the World PARTEA loose leaf Teas, Tisanes or Infusions. Insert a spoonful (2g) of loose leaf tea & fold the flap to seal. No need to use an iron to seal as it works like a pillow case. May also be used for soups, foot spas & baths. The tea bags are made of polyester fiber with no bleaching agent at all by Tokiwa Kogyou KK in Ehime, Japan.

Size 9cm x 6.5 cm. Packets of 60, 180 or 360.

Package Weight

60 g, 180 g, 360 g