This is an Aladdin´s cave for those who love tea! Quality, chemical free teas are the benchmark of this successful retailer/wholesaler specialising in beautifully blended and hand packed teas with a range of more than 150 loose leaf varieties. Popular are an Australian High Tea; Organic Chocolate; Lady Grey Rose infused or Smoky Earl Grey to name but a few.If you are seeking quirky, colourful, or elegant china, pots and strainers you´ll find them here and take them away beautifully wrapped. Drop in and see us when you ´re in Port Macquarie.


Dear Kerrie,

About five weeks ago I purchased a special ‘gallbladder’ blend of tea on your recommendation after suffering five severe attacks in just over a month that required me to be transported to the hospital. I’ve been drinking this regularly and since then things have improved dramatically. I haven’t had the need to go back to Outpatients, despite the fact I’m listed for surgery as x-rays have previously revealed my gallbladder is, according to the doctor, exceptionally full of stones.

Thanks and regards
Hi there,

Oh my gosh – I tried your strawberry and cream mix in a cake I am developing for the market place and our taste testers LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I purchased it from Vicki (Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Caloundra) – she and I work on projects together. I wanted to find out about the ingredients – we are gluten free grain free nut free and dairy free – we also do preservative free and additive free (including flavorings – unless completely natural). Would you be able to send me more information about the Strawberry & Cream blend please? I am also keen to try the WILD BERRY TEA and the TURKISH APPLE & ROSE TEA. Would I be able to order the three blends from you in 75 gram lots so I can mill them and try them all?

Then – would love to speak with you further about wholesaling the product to my company so we can mill it for our cake blends:) thanks and kind regards Tania Hubbard – Gluten Free Grain Free Company.
Tania Hubbard
Gluten Free Grain Free Company
Dear Mariah and Mariah’s Mum,

I am writing to say the biggest possible thank you to you both for hosting my Nan and I for a very special high tea on tuesday may 6th. As you know it was my Nan’s 90th Birthday that we were celebrating and coming to your tea rooms was the most perfect thing we could have done together. In the precious time we got to spend together at your establishment Nan became very reminiscent about her youth and her father, sharing beautiful memories that I had never heard before.

Thank you for being a part of a memory that both my Nan and I will treasure forever.

Thank You Sammy.
First time visiting and I’m already planning my return! The staff really know the true meaning of customer service, the food is from the heart and the tea is of such high quality I would personally recommend giving these guys a chance to impress, coming from a self-confessed tea addict! xx
Korriyn Vassalli
Great selection of tea’s, black, white and herbal. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Would recommend the visit.
Alyssa Bush
LOVVVVE it, been lots to buy my tea’s and had lunch and morning tea and even had business meetings there …and will be getting a group of ladies together to have HIGH TEA as well ….. :)))

Kim Galloway
Dear Kerrie,

My husband and I called into your shop in Port Macquarie three weeks ago, on our way to Noosa, and you helped us choose three teas. I wanted to thank you and say how much we enjoyed them and the small tea pot I bought works very well.

On our way home we just missed you when we called in to buy a larger quantity of the green lemon myrtle and some Wuyi Rock Tea to try.

We are enjoying this too. Thanks again, I will be in touch when I need more tea.

Regards Jeanette 27/10/15
What could be better then spending your day off then with a lovely cup of tea – its having a cup or three and being able to browse over Hell Bunny catalogs and place my order for dresses along with some scones. I love what our lovely gals are doing here in Port Macqaurie at World Par-TEA.

Thank You ladies for a great afternoon.

Flossie Fox
Im so glad one of my besties introduced WPT to me smile emoticon i became so obsessed my mum even sent me some over to canada when i was living there. i love that the flavor combos are so unique and that there are teas for every single type of mood/ weather,

Hayley 28/10/15
Hi Guys,

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order that arrived at my door in less than 48 hours.Can’t wait for my next cup of Assam tea this morning.

Hayley 28/10/15

Best, Jeanette 12/03/16
Awesome tea, awesome service! It actually feels like xmas whenever I go to the shop because there is always a new blend or a new teapot or gadget & the anticipation is like opening your chrissy presents , it’s fantastic!
Tanya Okeefe
Thanks to WPT I actually now drink tea, tried your Chai at Taste of Haven a few years ago, before I even moved here, loved it and drink it every day! Oh and now I live close by! Better than a six hour drive once in a blue moon…..
Lisa Duggan
The service it’s a place im happy to take visitors to. Also the ever changing tea pot displays always something new.
Fiona Mott