Chai is simply the Chinese and Indian word for tea.  Masala Chai is black tea with a variety of added spices with it;s origins going back thousands of years. Today there is a huge variety of ‘chais’ now used as general term for  spiced teas (there are also varieties which don’t have black tea as an ingredient and are therefore caffeine-free). ’Chai lattes’ are chai blends with added milk. Sugar and honey are often used to sweeten chai.

How to brew

We have listed a few ways to brew chai. You can research many other ways of chai brewing  and experiment to find the best method to suit your taste and time available.


Place 1 teaspoon of your favourite loose leaf World PARTEA chai in an infuser in a cup or teapot (0r you can use a tea strainer after the chai  has brewed).  Add 250ml of boiling water (per cup). Allow to brew for 5-7 minutes (longer or shorter for personal taste). Add milk of your choice (cow’s milk, goats, almond , soy,,,). Pour and add honey or sugar if required.


Stovetop. This brewing method is often referred to as Chai Latte.and  can be made with any of the World PARTEA  chai blends. Pour the required amount of milk into a stove pot or pan (25oml per cup) and add in the loose leaf chai (ideally in an infuser); 1 teaspoon per cup. Bring the milk to the boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Pour into your cup or teapot (through a strainer if infuser not used).  Add honey or sugar to sweeten if required

You can also make Slow Chai with half water and half milk.

Plunger:  Simply use a standard coffee plunger, Place 1 teaspoon of World PARTEA  loose leaf chai blend per cup  and half fill with boiling water (approx 125ml per cup).  Allow the chai to brew for at least 6 minutes. Heat some milk of your choice, either steam using a coffee machine attachment or place milk in a pan on the stove over medium heat. .When the chai has brewed add the milk and allow to stand for a further 3-5 mins for the flavours to infuse. Plunge the chai and pour. Sweeten with honey or any type of sugar to suit your taste.


Iced chai can be made with any type of World PARTEA chai. Put a little more than the usual amount of chai blend in your infuser and brew in your favourite way.  While your chai is brewing, grab a glass of ice from the fridge and place in a jug. Discard the  infused leaves when the chai is brewed, then pour directly over the ice in the jug  and serve.. Add honey or sugar to sweeten if required. Keep rest of the brew in the fridge for further enjoyment.

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