Tea, Tisanes, Infusions and Health

People have been aware of the health benefits of drinking tea ever since that first cup was brewed 4,700 years ago in China.

For nearly as long as this ancient beverage has been consumed, there have been many and varied claims regarding the health benefits bestowed on drinkers. These claims range from a general purification of the body and cures for various ailments such as tumors, atherosclerosis, liver disease and abscesses, to the maintenance of mental health. During these years, it had been generally accepted that the consumption of tea is good for you; however, there had been a lack of any significant studies to prove its effectiveness. In more recent times, considerable scientific research has been undertaken on how tea consumption reduces the likelihood of illness and promotes good health. It is thought the important antioxidants found in both black and green tea contribute substantially to the prevention of chronic disease. The antioxidants help to maintain healthy cells and tissues. Antioxidants are widely found in fruits and vegetables, as well as red wine. The good news is that tea has greater antioxidant activity than red wine, and adding milk does not diminish the effectiveness of the antioxidants.

Numerous reputable scientific studies have determined that tea consumption has a multitude of health benefits.  Tea consumption may:

  • Reduce the risk of stroke;
  • Protect against a range of cancers;
  • Promote cardiovascular health;
  • Boost the immune system;
  • Aid with depression;
  • Promote fat loss by increasing the metabolism;
  • Develop higher bone density and
  • Lower stress levels
  • With no sodium, fat or sugar, tea is virtually calorie free.

If that is not enough, it has been shown that tea drinkers are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and also have lower cholesterol and blood pressure. To get the most health benefits out of your teas, choose high quality loose leaf teas like those available at World PARTEA. Brew it up and enjoy. Enjoy the many health benefits of tea.