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Jasmine Dragon Pearl – flavoured Green loose leaf tea – online sale

Jasmine Dragon Pearl (also known as “Buddha Tears”) is a Green Tea with few peers. Entire young tea leaves are plucked and then hand-rolled with jasmine petals making it the queen of jasmine-infused teas. Looking closely at the unopened pearls, one can see traces of the fine downy covering only found on the youngest leaves or unopened leaf buds – which is why this tea is often classified as a white tea. Strictly speaking, Jasmine Dragon Pearl is the imperial plucking (the bud and top most leaves are plucked together) so it’s a white and green tea. When infused, the pearls unroll to reveal entire, long, needle type leaves and jasmine petals. As such this tea requires no straining, just gently decant while pouring. Drinking this tea is a sublime experience for the connoisseur. Only two pearls per cup & can be re-infused a number of times. Highest grade tea.

Available in Small pack (25g ); Gift tube (75g); Bulk pack (225g)

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