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Organic Neem Leaf – Ayurvedic herb – online sale

Neem Leaf has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine & is used to treat skin disorders, remove toxins from the body, nourish eyes and hair, as an anti-inflammatory & antibacterial & in the treatment of malaria. Neem Leaf is also said to reduce blood sugar levels in the treatment of diabetes mellitus & reduce toxicity in the liver.

How to brew Ayurvedic herbal blends: stir up the blend and place the correct amount of loose leaves and ingredients into an infuser in a teapot (or you can use a coffee plunger or small infuser in a cup or mug). Add boiling water, steep for around five minutes (Longer for stronger taste, a shorter time for a milder brew. Adjust brew time to suit your tastebuds.) Then, sit back, relax and enjoy.Ayurvedics can be re-infused a number of times – just add more boiling water to the leaves to top up your drink. Not usually taken with milk. Can be sweetened with pure sugar or honey. Use approx 1 teaspoon (2g) per cup and adjust to personal taste.

Available in Sample packet (25g); Gift tube (50g); Bulk packet (150g)

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25 g, 50 g (Gift tube), 150 g