TeA SoaK Organic

TeA SoaK Organic


The Tea Soak – Sea Salt + Botanicals is a natural tea

soak that combines Himalayan pink rock salt and epsom salts with the added benefits of lavender flowers, rose buds, cornflour petals and calendula petals.

Your body will thank you for the chance to soak in this irresistible mixture of botanicals.

It will detoxify the body, improves hydration, reduces muscle cramps, improves sleep and supports hormone



Lavender is the perfect addition to your bath when you have any kind of skin inflammation.

Calendula helps to soothe and repair the skin and will help reduce itching, redness and topical inflammation  

Rose can calm the nerves, open the heart and relax the nerves

EPSOM SALTS TO soothe the body, mind & soul  

It will relax the nervous system, cure skin problems, soothe back pains + aching limbs, ease muscle strain and draw toxins from the body.

INGREDIENTS:Dead Sea salt, Epsom salts, rose buds, cornflour petals, calendula petals and lavender flowers.

The Tea Soak- Sea Salt + Botanicals is a great way to treat yourself of someone special in your life. This range also makes a fantastic gift to someone who values quality products made in Australia. 150g resealable bag.