Makes a prefect brew every time. 1 teaspoon (2g) of tea & brew until desired strength.

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Handy Brew Teamaker – online sale

Handy Brew Teamaker is the easiest way to brew your favourite tea.  The secret to the Handy Brew Teamaker is the patented Amazing Shut-Off System. Handy Brew Teamaker only dispenses tea when it is placed on the top of a cup/mug.  When you lift it up, the flow of tea stops. Put your favourite tea in the Handy Brew and add hot water slowly over the tea. Close the lid and allow to brew.  When your tea has achieved the desired strength, place the Handy Brew Teamaker on top of your cup and watch as the tea fills your cup in seconds.  Simply lift the Handy Brew Teamaker and the patent Amazing Shut-Off System stops the flow instantly. Perfect for all loose leaf teas including your favourite chai tea and especially, white chocolate chai latte. Large Handy Brew Teamaker fits on any cup with a diameter up to 9cm