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large leaf  Pu-erh Tea – online sale

Pu-erh Tea originates in the Yunnan province of China. Traditionally believed to be the ancestral home of all Chinese tea plants. The methods of cultivation and production of Pu-erh tea are unlike that of any other tea. The tea bushes are grown alongside an aromatic tree, which grows much taller than the bushes. After the leaves are plucked and processed they undergo a composting and ageing method to obtain that distinctive Pu-erh quality. Many are aged for four years or more, while others are aged for up to fifty. Pu-erh teas are fragrant, smooth, sweet and earthy. Pu-erh can be black, green or scented. It comes in loose-leaf form or compressed into cakes of many different shapes and sizes. As they contain less caffeine than black or green teas, they are widely consumed after dinner. Pu-erh is also thought to be a digestive aid and an enemy to cholesterol. Recent research is finding proof for these ancient beliefs. Adding milk is not recommended for this tea, though not entirely discouraged. So try it both ways and see what suits your taste. Use approx 1 teaspoon (2g) per cup and adjust quantity to suit personal taste.

Available in Small pack (50g = 25 cups); Gift tube (100g = 50 cups); Bulk pack (300g = 150 cups)

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35g, 75g (Gift Tube), 225g