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Okinawan Green Tea – loose leaf – online sale

From the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa, this mellow tea is fast gaining popularity amongst the health-conscious. Okinawans drink more tea per capita and have the lowest obesity rate worldwide (less than 6%). This has led to many studies to see if the two are linked. This is a beautiful high grade leaf tea with a very smooth flavour and it can be re-infused a number of times. This tea has not been infused with jasmine like some Okinawan tea, rather it has been left in its pure green tea form. Many Japanese green teas have a bitter after-taste but this is not the case with our Okinawan Green Tea. It’s mellow and sweet and brews to a bright green colour when infused. Use approx 1 teaspoon (2g) per cup and adjust quantity to suit personal taste.

Available in Small pack (35g = 17 cups); Gift tube (75g = 37 cups); Bulk pack (225g = 112 cups) 

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35g, 75g (Gift Tube), 225g