When it comes to romance, many set the mood with a glass of pinot noir, or a bubbly flute of champagne. Don’t forget that “tea for two” can also brew romance, if you pay mind to the presentation.

Tea can be poured in a porcelain mug, a metal goblet or a shallow saucer. Some like to gulp it down, others swish and slurp, while some take the time to delicately sip their tea from fine china cups placed atop dainty saucers. The likes and dislikes of tea drinkers may vary, but tea accessories are becoming a big part of the tea-making exercise.

The teapot is a very important accessory, and great care must be taken in choosing the right one. A two or four-cup porcelain teapot is perfect for black teas. Green or oolong teas should be brewed in a Japanese or Chinese teapot. Herbal infusions are best suited to clear glass teapots. The tea infuser is another must-have accessory for true tea lovers. The most common form is the wire mesh style, but there are also ball infusers, infuser presses and traditional bamboo infusers available. An ideal infuser should fit the entire mug or extend deeply into the teapot. When romance is brewing, pour some tea for two, and dazzle your love with all the right accessories.

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